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Barn Renovation

Looking back, I wish that I had been recording our home renovation from the beginning. We have lived here for two years and have tackled quite a few projects. I wish I would have been better about documenting the steps we took.

When we decided to begin the barn renovation I is the time. I felt like this would be fun to document and share along the way.

This was our barn when we bought the house. Jason has added horse stalls, steps, a floor inside, walls, wired it, run plumbing to name it! Now I get to come in and make it pretty...because isn't that what every man wants in a barn?? Fortunately for me we added a second barn that is now his work shop / man cave. So, the "old" barn is just waiting to be given a new purpose.

(See the little shack to the left of the is now my garden shed...but more on that later)

This is the best before picture of the interior I could find before we began adding the planked walls to the barn last week. (I told you I was very slack with documenting anything)

(It was from a craigslist ad for our pool table, which is sadly still for sale...who needs a pool table!? )

This barn had no floors or interior walls when we moved in. Jason drooled over the barn like I did the house. He worked like a mad man turning it into his own man paradise. And it worked...for him. However, the mdf walls were killing me. Every time I "visited" him in the barn I knew there was massive potential for this place. So I began telling Jason my "visions" and he was all for the challenge. Thank you Lord for placing a project junkie in this girls life!

Step one: lots and lots of wood on the walls.

When we began rummaging the barn, Jason found this cool door with a mans profile painted on it and the word "HIS" underneath. It seemed like the perfect fit for a door to his "hunting room". It was the one thing he did that I kept in there. The rest has been relocated to his new barn, someone else's home or the dump....except for the darn pool table.

I had Jason make the section of the wall next to the hunting room door into little shelves. I wanted the wood to not look perfect. I like gaps and quirks. So, the shelves were a funky little after thought that I'm not quite sure what to do with yet. I wanted it to look like these walls have been like this as long as the barn has been here. Jason is a symmetry nut. I think the wonky wood is driving him a little crazy.

We have made quite a bit of progress with the is definitely wearing me out.

Tonight we are working on trim and finishing up the fireplace (which will be white too).

I hope to have some "pretty" pictures for you soon (think...painted floors, barn wood bar, front porch and pergola....) I can't wait to show you how I repurpose this forgotten bench I left behind the barn when we first moved here.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your lovely comments and words of encouragement. I am so grateful that you would take time out of your day to follow along with us. I truly do appreciate the love!! Have a great night!! Trinity

P.S. I have been reading a lot of "tutorials" for blogging and I'm on total information overload. If you know of a basic Wordpress help site for computer challenged people...please hook me up!


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