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Hi! My name is Trinity and I'm an addict...

I like to think of myself as an amateur picker of sorts. I don't claim to know the facts and details of every piece I find. Or even 75% of what I find. I literally just search for what I love....relentlessly. I love the adrenaline of the search. My full name should probably be Trinity "thrill of the hunt" Holmes. And don't even get me started on when I find "the one"! It's indescrable excitement. I have a problem. I know.

You're probably wondering if this is a cry for help. It's not. In fact this is an addicted to pickin' unite post!! One of the most frequent questions I receive has to be...."Where do you find all of your unique stuff!?" What better way to share my sources with you than sharing some of my new and old finds?

Each month I will share a few items and list my sources for you. Wether it is a craigslist find, etsy, name it!! Now, those of you who have followed along know I am NOT the most reliable blogger. But, I'm hoping this will help keep me motivated!

Not only do I want to expose my pickin' addiction....but I want to pay witness to your habit too! If you are on Instagram, follow along with me Circa '34 and share your favorite picks. Make sure to hashtag it using #addictedtopickin

Each week I will choose a favorite and share it on my feed. This will definitely help me feel a little better that I am not alone in my addiction. I would love for you to share them with me on this great big blogging world, but I seriously do not know how to do that. I know...I know (hangs head in shame). Someday I will find time to brush up on blogging "how to".

So let's get started, because you didn't come here to look at words!!

Let's start it off with a bang! These are some of my latest and greatest. This haul is a perfect visual of the things that make my heart pitter patter like a mad woman. Warm wood, plaid, green, signs...I could go on and on.

I am a sucker for green. And this bottle is just the perfect green AND it has raised writing. Helloooo beautiful! Not to mention his cute and dirty little friend. These were a freebie. They were dug up in the yard when we were landscaping a little while back. They may be 2 years old or 20....I couldn't tell you. But, I loved the shape the color and you can never have to many bottles (Unless you're me, according to my husband). The beautiful galvanized buckets were an estate sale score. I received all of these pictured plus a few being used in the yard for $20. Yes please!! You just never know when you will need bucket. Am I right?

The beautiful branches (did she just say "branches"!?) fell out of our big tree during a thunderstorm. I save all of the beautiful branches I find for odds and ends. Curtain rod, mantel decor or just propped up in a corner somewhere. I am not sure where these will go, but they're to pretty not to save. Another freebie of course. Seeeee...branches can be beautiful!

Making our way to these vintage plaid wool camp blankets. The key word here is plaid..and vintage...and camp it all! This is one of my top ten searches. Both blankets were found on Etsy. The red and white multi colored plaid one at Sweet Basils Cupboard and the green plaid at Inez and Olivia I have certain things I search for religiously. I try not to impulse buy. I like to favorite it...stalk it for a while...picture the one thousand and one ways I will use it. Then when I have all but convinced myself I don't "need" another blanket/sign/basket/etc....I rush to my "favorites" list in a cold sweat. I have to find it and buy it before someone else does and robs me of its beauty and glory. Tell me I'm not alone here. Please.

Ohhhh signs (insert a thousand heart eyes here). Hands down my number one pickin' addiction is a sign. There is just something about typography in a bold amazing color that gets me all weak. I have had a love affair with signs from the get go. I find that if I search on a regular basis, I can come across some amazing deals! These I do not stalk. These I buy if money permits...immediately. Signs don't seem to hang around long.

I can see why. They just add that extra uniqueness to a room. This particular sign was also found on Etsy through the seller Pieces of pastime I did not hesitate to snatch this one up! I don't have a "place" for it just yet....but that never stops me.

Lastly....this beauty. She just speaks for herself (this bed is obviously a she..right?) Just look at her....

Such amazing curves. And beautiful wood tone.

The amazing details and feminine touches. The beautiful carvings and turned legs.

Not to mention the gorgeous imperfections and wear and tear from years gone by. This is a dream find for me. At a dream price.

I was fortunate enough to stumble across her on Craigs List It was one of those late, insomniac filled nights when she crossed my path. The kind where I was totally convinced this person was still up at one o'clock in the morning and would respond IMMEDIATELY. Fifteen minutes....thirty hour. This is excruciating! It's sold. I know it is!!! (cries all Disney princess style in pillow) fruit cake. This person is sleeping. Like you should be. Fortune smiles on me and this woman is a gem and responds in the morning. She is not frightened to be cornered "technologically" by an innocent little stay at home antique stalker. I lost count of the emails and texts I sent reassuring her of my husbands arrival annnnny minute. I'm still awaiting the restraining order.

Can you blame me though???

She is a beauty! I breathed a major sigh of relief when she was safely transported to the barn. Where she will await her new place...whenever I find one for her.

So there you have it. A few of my favorite finds. Now it's your turn! Come hang out with me on Instagram at Circa '34 Don't forget to use the hashtag #addictedtopickin

Thank you for not calling the men in white coats. I promise I am normal (mostly). And thank you to my family and best friends who have to endure the never ending saga of me convincing them to go on a craigslist run. Don't do that alone guys!!

Until next time my friends!! Thank you for following along!



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