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Like ripping off a band aid!


I'm taking a huge leap out of my comfort zone. I hate to sound negative or sheepish and admit this, but it is hard to put myself out there. I have thought about blogging for years and just couldn't quIte pull the trigger. I question my "design" choices daily and I am always second guessing myself. Who am I to put thoughts and ideas out there into this universe of immeasurable talent?

I have always believed that Instagram / blogging would invite critics and negativity. I have less than stellar grammar and punctuation abilities. I'm sarcastic which doesn't always read well in written context. To put it in words....I feel like the new kid at school. Literal thoughts rushing in my do I make my images pinnable...what is a do I link this picture size right...did I use too many exclamation points....should it be too or I sound like a moron?!? Aaaaggghhhh

However, since joining Instagram several months ago, I have realized the good far out weigh the bad. I guess you could say I feel a little more "safe" to share my passion. I have met some of the most encouraging and kind hearted people through the Instagram community. They share my love for the same things and they build each other up! It has been a great motivator in helping me swallow my fear.

I hope by blogging about my love for DIY..Antiques..farmhouses..renovations...(the list goes on) you will get to know me. And that I will get to know you!

So shall we begin? My name is Trinity. I have been married to my patient husband Jason for 12 years, this year. We have three children Tatum, Eli and Knox.

We live in North Carolina. After years of begging and pleading, Jason made my dream come true. We purchased a 1934 farmhouse two and a half years ago....and the hammers haven't stopped. The ideas jammed In my head over four years of searching are dying to get out. We have done some pretty big cosmetic changes...and to say the least, they have been exhausting. But it has been such a fun process that I felt lead to document it. Capture the progress.

(This was what the house looked like when we bought it)

Sometimes I forget to enjoy the steps a transformation requires. I am ready for it to be done. And half way through one room, I am already planning out the next project. My mind literally never shuts off from it. And I love it!

(Realtor photo)

It is easy for me to look around and dwell on all the unfinished work I see in my head. I wish I had the money to tear out this tile... or that wall. I start to become over whelmed and forget to love the process. I'm hoping blogging and documenting each step will cause me to slow down and take pride in the work...not just rush for an end result.

(Realtor photo)

(Realtor photo)

So, if you're here...thank you! I hope to grow and learn from this wonderful community of talented people. And I look forward to making new friends with like minded nuttiness about decorating!! Welcome to Circa '34!!


P.S. Thank you for bearing with me while I get my feet wet and make some newbie mistakes!


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