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Summer Home Tour 2016

Welcome!! Thank you for joining little ol' me here for a good old summer home tour. If you are new here, allow me to take a minute to introduce myself. I am Trinity, wife to Jason and mama to three tiny humans.Tatum, our only girl, is 12. Eli is 7 and Knox is 2.

We live in an old home built in 1934. I am addicted to all things antique, farmhouse...and basically southern comfort.

I am a hoarder of rusty, crusty, chippy, pine... anything that screams oldie but goody. Maybe that is why I married my older man?

I am honored to be a part of the amazing Blogger Stylin' Home Tours, hosted by the lovely Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Co.

If you have not had a chance to peruse Lindsay's stunning home, do not miss out. She will knock your socks off! Bonus...this is the beginning of the tour too, make sure not to miss a stop!! The previous stop at Jennifer Rizzo is nothing short of usual. You will get lost in her gorgeous style...for hours (guilty).So without further ado, wlecome to our summer home.

I have always been sort of a fair weather fan when it comes to summer. I love being outside ...the sunshine, vacations at the beach, working in the yard. I basically live outside during this time of year. Unfortunately, the heat and humidity in North Carolina steal the joy out of it sometimes. But on days like today, we get really lucky and have one of the most amazing perfectly sun drenched day....and you absolutely cannot be inside!! That's when I get to really enjoy our home for the summer.

If there's one thing every farmhouse has to have it's a front porch adorned with ferns… So quintessentially Southern! I have literally lost count of the number of ferns I have. I'm a glutton for takes quite some time to water them all...but so worth it.

I'm normally a red white and blue kind of gal… and of course green. However, I have been trying to use colors that I am not normally drawn to, in places that change with the seasons. The mix of pinks and purples tied together so beautifully with the Navy as the base on these pillows. The minute I saw them I knew they would bring that special summer pop to the porch. These are the amazing work of the very talented Ms. Craftberry Bush, and I purchased them on Society 6

A few touches of pink in the potted flowers sprinkled throughout, and immediately it transforms our porch into a different sort of oasis. Still embellished with the old and crusty stuff I love, but using different and vibrant colors I am not accustomed to. It creates a mini make over to enjoy for a brief season.

The first room up to invite you inside is our living room. What once was a stuffy lonely room has now become one of our favorite places to hang out! I was so hung up on having a room for myself… A room that stayed clean that I could go in and enjoy. It wasn't fair to exclude my family from living in their own home. So with the addition of a T television and a few toys… This has truly become a family room.

Sadly, the sofa was a casualty of this transition. Knox has really taken to coloring and decided to do it with a permanent marker. So for budget sake… And sanity sake… I improvised with two old quilts I had on hand. While it's not a permanent solution, it is one I can manage rather easily and affordable with a toddler.