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My brother and his wife recently purchased a 1963 ranch style fixer upper. They are so excited to use the bones and create a home they love. And I am so thrilled they have asked me to help. Blank exciting.

We have decided to begin with my nieces room. She is a beautiful fifteen year old cheerleader, who is so very sweet and helpful to me and my crazy brood of three children. I could not be more thrilled to help her design a room she loves. I asked her to begin by telling me her favorite colors she would like to see in there.

I have a few consistent colors that no matter how hard I try, I just can not quit them. The good news is, everyone around here seems to know my must have colors. Which means it's easy for them to bring home treasures that remind them of something I would love.

Lately, blue has been my color of choice. And it's finding its way into the barn Reno.

I'm sorry about the last two iPhone pics. I have not taken a break long enough to take pictures of the barn with an actual camera. I'm afraid we haven't quite reached a picture worthy place yet. Very soon though!! If you're on Instagram please feel free to follow along using #circa34barn and if you would like to follow me

Have a great night!




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